Coined in the summer of 2003 by company founder & president Tim Tang, the inspirational Maxpedition® brand name is a linguistic blend of the words 'maximum' and 'expedition'.  The Latin root 'ped-' central to the name means 'foot' and is graphically represented within our iconic bootprint trademark. 

Over the years, as the company and its product lines have matured, so too has the brand logo in order to reflect current fabrication methods in fabrics, plastics and metals, as well as the latest aesthetics of print and online media.

Regardless of the progressive evolution of our logo artwork, the Maxpedition name remains a steadfast beacon, synonymous with the highest level of quality and durability while connoting an unmistakable sense of adventure.

Maxpedition, Maxpedition Hard-Use Gear and the logotypes shown below are the federally and internationally registered trademarks of Edgygear Inc.  All rights reserved.